More About Our Materials

More About Our Materials

Kelly Ruf
Wall Prints

More About Our Material Options 

          4Ever Prints was created for everyone and anyone who is looking to add something special to their home, office space, or to give to someone as the perfect gift. We wanted to make it easy by being able to upload photos right from a phone or computer, and turn those photos into prints with a simple button. There is also a scenery gallery full with beautiful landscapes, and a gallery with fun prints, designs and more that you can choose from. All of these options can be printed on metal, canvas, or wood material, to truly make your print unique. When choosing which style 4Ever Print is perfect for you there are certain things to keep in mind when picking a material. 

         In this blog we will go more in depth about each material option to give you a little more understanding of each 4Ever Print, and which material fits what you are looking for the best.

Metal, Canvas, Wood

We now off three material options to print your photos on metal, canvas and wood (acrylic option coming soon!). Each material very different, and comes in different sizes. Any photo uploaded or chosen from our gallery can be printed on any of these materials.

Metal prints are vibrant and full of color prints. The metal creates a reflective nice glossy sheen over the images  and has smooth edges all around it. These prints are durable, light weight and can be hung up on the wall or stand up on an easel. Metal Prints come in both square and rectangles in multiple sizes each great for bringing life into your modern space.

Metal Wall Art


Canvas Prints are an eco friendly custom cotton blend combined with high definition solvent inks that enhances colors, and creates a texture on each print. Each canvas print has an option of a standard frame of 0.75" or a deeper frame depth of 1.5" which will only make the print stand out more on your wall. Canvas prints are lightweight and best for hanging up on the wall. 

Canvas Prints

Wood Prints your photos will be pressed on to a natural, sustainable, and durable wooden block. Once the image is pressed you will be able to see the rustic detail of the wood showing through, but also see the vibrancy and color of the picture you have chosen to use. If you have a rustic style, then printing on wood would be a great addition to your space, and can transform you photo into something special. 

Wood Block Prints

 Choose which material would be best for your space, pick your photo that you want to use and enjoy your custom wall print.

See more about each material by shopping our products.