How To Create An Attractive Living Space

How To Create An Attractive Living Space

Kelly Ruf
Did you happen to just move into your dream home? Or have an empty wall that needs something but you aren't sure what? Have you had the same pictures hung up on the wall for the last 10 years? (If you could not remember how long it has been, then it probably has been too long!) Do you feel uncomfortable in your living room?
If you answered yes to any of these questions above, or had to think about it too long, then you may want to read the rest of this article. Here at 4Ever Prints, we want to help you get started on your journey to creating an attractive living space with our products.
The living room is typically where people spend most of their time, and now with the world we live in, could be your school or your office. There are a few things you need to consider before decorating and designing your space such as furniture, wall color, decorations, rugs and any other elements you want to add to your room. The most 'important element' is wall art, which helps tie everything together when decorating, and brings life to your walls of the room. Wall art displays memories, favorite places, conversation pieces and more.

Before choosing wall art, there are some variables to consider.

1) Lighting - Where does the natural light shine through? Is there any sunlight at all? If not, then you want to hang up some light fixtures that fill the room  so people can see what is hanging on your walls.

2) Color Schemes - You will want to find wall art that matches the vibes and aesthetic of your living room. Some examples - If you like bright and bold then we suggest an animal print or a fun quote in neon to match your style. If you like pastels or light colors, we would suggest beach scenes or nice landscapes, to bring a calm energy into the room. 

3) Size of Your Space - Depending on how big your living room is or how many walls you have is the way to determine how many wall pieces you need. Make sure you measure your walls and space, before deciding which size art to select. You can do stand alone pieces, or create a gallery wall using multiple sizes on the same wall. 

At 4Ever Prints it is easy to upload and then print anything onto canvas, metal or wood material. You can even mix and match materials if that is the look you are going for. Designing your living space is a creative process that should be fun! You can go with one idea or you can upload a combination of ideas onto multiple materials. Just remember that wall art is essential in creating an attractive living space, whether you have minimalistic, abstract style, or anything in between.
Below we have listed some ideas we love and a place to get started.
Sceneries - Beaches, Mountains, Boardwalks, Sunsets etc.
Favorite pictures - Put your favorite friends or family pictures
Quotes - Do you have a favorite quote?
Maps - Of your favorite places, where you grew up, etc.
Art- Prints, Drawings, Paintings, Sketches, etc.
Browse all our artwork collections or upload your own photos and see how attractive your living space becomes with 4Ever Prints!